The People,
Team Sambhav

Strolling in the grazing lands with a cowherd named Khaman Bhai, he expressed, “A person with an abundance mindset focuses on the limitless opportunities”. In an urban setup, healthy living has become a challenge. Due to the scarcity of awareness and accessibility of native superfoods, many of us tend to accept its absence as a reality and go on with our daily lives. Few, like you, make efforts to ensure you reach the right doors. We as founders too were in the same boat, thus giving rise to Kudej.

Sumit Goyal

After completing Chartered Accountancy, Sumit had explored textile business in International Markets. At Kudej, you’d find him strategizing for growth and nurturing ideas for fueling momentum.

Prachi Bansal

After completing her Masters in Fashion Management from Italy, Prachi did a learning stint at Future Group. You’d find her curiously building systems to strengthen the community in Kudej.

Sarvesh Pande

While pursuing his dual BTech-MBA from NMIMS Mumbai, Sarvesh ventured into the world of health foods. Find him exploring the native treasures and sharing interesting Kudej stories.

“Together with a committed team, supportive mentor, energetic community members, encouraging family members and kind well wishers, we’ve been an exponential force striving towards the mission beliefs each day with excitement.”

The Existence

While sitting together in the Himalayan Forests, the founding team was thinking of an identity which could resemble our values. There came the name Kudej.

Living with a purpose is about engaging towards something larger than yourself. Kudej is a holistic living community that is committed to:

Accessibility of highest quality of carefully crafted native superfoods

Nurture rural community bonds towards better livelihoods

Build an aware community of healthy individuals through the curiosity of stories

We’re loving what we are building together. By the time you’ve read this, we are sure you’ve decided to become an integral part of the Kudej movement!

Native Superfoods
Authentic Legacy

Take yourself back in time, a hundred years ago; when people grew their own food, had no hospitals, had to walk for hours to commute, tilling their farms and ladies using pots to churn butter. It all required massive amounts of energy and good health to do such activities. Till old age, they lived a life of vigor and vitality. What is the primary source of their healthy living?

While sitting on the banks of river Kaveri, we got the answer; Native SuperFoods. They practiced daily healthy eating by consuming high quality native superfoods directly sourced from nature. Our ancestors integrated this in their daily lives through culture, folk, stories, festivals, literary works, art and passed on through generations. These native foods were high in nutritional value and possessed tremendous healing powers. At Kudej, we’re creating accessibility of such special foods for your good health.

If you are internally connected, you will externally contribute to the best. Let’s keep practicing daily healthy living as the Kudej community.

Rural Communities
The Heart

Sitting with my mother while traveling in the village, I once asked her “Where do you get this limitless energy to serve?”. She said, “We are educated for greed but wired for connection. It is the act of caring and serving each other in the community that gives us the energy to do more of it each day”.

At Kudej, we build deep connections with rural communities who have been preserving the native superfoods through tradition and culture for several generations. It is by empowering them that is making it possible for us to serve you with the best of superfoods from across Indian rural interiors. You shall get to hear more about them through Kudej products and stories.

Truly Living

During challenging situations, grandmother used to say, “यत् भावो तत् भवति, you become what you believe. The best treasure you have is, the intent, the belief, that everything is possible. It is in that moment when we are Truly Living. Build what matters and the outcome shall be a magical experience”.
As a Kudej community, we practice responsible freedom as each action of ours shall create a lasting impact:
Rural communities
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