Truly Living - defining the quality of our lives with Kudej

We belong to a world where a successful life can be set to a mould – university degrees, seven figure salaries, settling overseas, retiring with many possessions. Living the good life as some might say, but always set to a pace that keeps one running ahead of the competition. However, if we were to pause and reflect, would we recognize where we are or what we have become?

Chasing this success leads to a life dependent on so many external factors that it resembles a house of cards – on one hand it is pleasurable but on the other in need of constant stability be it money, power or social acceptance. And as the cycle goes – leading to disconnection, emptiness and dissatisfaction.

So if not for this life, what would define ‘truly living’? With this question, we began our search with Kudej, a journey that takes us deeper and farther than these boundaries and to regions where ‘the good life’ holds a completely different meaning. It is here that we observed how it is possible to live truly, everyday.

Our minds and body can be transformed from feeling empty to abundant and full of gratitude with something as simple as setting a purpose. Waking up everyday with this motivation is the driving force that can pervade every moment of life with energy, as though that moment has been truly lived. For all living creatures, at the heart of this is to first nourish the body and keep it fit. Being healthy is a purpose that no one regrets as a healthy body becomes the vehicle to fulfill every purpose.

In nature, monkeys start their day with the purpose of foraging for food. They choose their nourishment mindfully – enjoying every mouthful and rejecting what is unhealthy. When gifted with abundance, they are not known to eat too little or too much, listening to the intuition of their bodies and reading the environment. With Kudej, we have gathered resources that give our followers the abundance of ancient knowledge, nourishment and values to live truly. Kudej is driven by the motive to build resilience at the speed of nature itself – with slow and consistent steps. That is the beauty and vastness of this purpose, that it is revisited everyday, through daily rituals and surprising you over time with new abilities.

We invite you to align with us in this purpose of celebrating healthy minds and bodies. We are excited to share our findings with you from our journey across India and its history of living truly. Stay tuned and a warm Kudej welcome!

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